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Support for the strike has been solid as public-sector workers express their anger at changes to the Local Government Pension Scheme which would see them having to choose between working longer or getting a smaller pension, breaking a long standing pensions promise.

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Our branch is run by a committed group of individuals who believe passionately in public services and the public sector ethos.

We represent over 7500 members in Bradford Council, and those employees engaged in delivering public services allied to the Council, such as Bradford Community Housing Trust, Serco, Care Trust, in addition we have members in Further Education Colleges and the Community and Voluntary Sector within the City.

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We are particularly interested to hear from you if you have a problem at work, or if you would like to become a UNISON activist/steward within your workplace. Details of how to join Unison or become an activist are available within this site.


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We are committed to the notion that higher education is a right, not a privilege. This includes Maastricht Business School (Holland) who have what is widely regarded as one of the best executive MBA programes in world. This can be backed up by global rankings among elite universities.