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Our branch is run by a committed group of individuals who believe passionately in public services and the public sector ethos.

We represent over 10,000 members in Bradford Council, and those employees engaged in delivering public services allied to the Council, such as Bradford Community Housing Trust, Serco, Care Trust, in addition we have members in Further Education Colleges and the Community and Voluntary Sector within the City.

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Car User Updates (04/04/14)

For full information, download the latest Car User Update, 4th April 2014.

Earlier updates can be found here: 10th April 2014 | 14th April 2014 | 26th April 2014

Reasons why staff excluded from ECU allowance.

All members should now have received correspondence from the original decision maker as
to why they did not meet the criteria.

UNISON are aware that AD’s are following advice from HR and using a template email to
respond however UNISON has challenged the ‘collectiveness’ of this when the decisions
were ‘individual’. If the response isn’t informative enough then please email again asking for more detail.

There appear to be some problem areas and as promised, as soon as UNISON becomes
aware these are reported to HR.

What now?

That depends on the decision of the individual. UNISON has been advised that a number of staff have already agreed to continue using their vehicle until the outcome of their appeal is known. This does then allow the individual to submit supplementary evidence at the appeal.

Some staff have agreed to continue using their vehicle in return for being able to have the convenience of retaining their car parking permit.

Some staff are refusing to use their vehicle for work and have happily returned their car parking permit. Some deciding to appeal and others not.

Car park passes for those not willing to use their vehicle should by now have been
requested by Management. Please note all of the above is being monitored by HR.

How is this affecting the workplace?

It is still early days so it is difficult however it is quite alarming that local reps are being asked about risk assessments, how to reimburse for travel expenses etc… If Management have queries then they should be contacting HR for support and advice.

Despite assurances from the Authority in respect of contingency plans it appears that some Departments are still some way off finalising these. The alleged rationale behind this being they are waiting ‘for the dust to settle’ and for a conclusion to the appeals before purchasing metro cards, pool cars etc… This is disappointing has the TU’s were assured this work had taken place months ago.

For full information, you can download the latest Car User Update, 4th April 2014 here.

Brassed Off Film Project: 30 years since the Miners Strike (06/02/14)
Brassed off project
Winter Fuel Bill: Help is on hand (closing date 28 Feb 2014) (07/01/14)

Winter Fuel Bill help is on hand

With rising fuel costs and another cold winter many members are worried
about how they’re going to pay this year’s winter fuel bills.

Help is on hand

“There for You” has set up a limited fund to help UNISON members on
low income by way of a one-off payment of up to £40.

To apply download the application below - fill it out and send it to:-
UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AY


Annual General Meeting timetable (04/12/13)

Wednesday 26th February 2014

City Hall, Bradford 12.00 till 12.30 for lunch
AGM to start at 12.30 and not to last longer than an hour

APF Meeting follows at 1:30pm
(only Affiliated Political Fund payers may attend)

The AGM is open to all members and its function is to allow an opportunity for members to receive reports from Branch Officers on the performance of the branch in the previous year, including the campaigns that we have been involved with, our services to members, the branch accounts and our performance on recruitment. Members have an opportunity to ask questions about reports that are submitted including the financial accounts of the branch.

Motions / Amendments to Branch Rules

As a member you are entitled to submit motions and amendments to branch rules to the AGM so that they can be debated. For a motion to be competent the subject must be relevant to the functions of the branch and be submitted in time for its inclusion on the agenda of the AGM. The final date for motions or rule amendments to be submitted is noon on Friday 20th December 2013.

Motions and rule amendments must be received on the appropriate form, a copy of which can be obtained from the branch office. Motions received by Friday 20th December 2013 on the appropriate form will be posted on the branch website (www.bradfordunison.org.uk). Any member then wishing to submit amendments to motions will need to do so in writing to the branch office with details of the proposer and seconder by Friday 31st January 2014.

Election of Branch Officers/Stewards/Health and Safety Reps/ULR’s/Equality Reps

This AGM also endorses the election of Branch Officers, Stewards, Health & Safety Reps, ULR’s and Equality Reps for the forthcoming year 2014/15. Nomination forms can be requested from Branch Office.

Any full member of the union can stand for election to any of the Branch Officer positions subject to obtaining the appropriate number of members to support the nomination.
Nominations should be received at the Branch Office by no later than noon on Friday 20th December 2013. All Officer nomination forms should be accompanied by an election address of no more than 200 words in the event that a ballot is required for the post.

Branch AGM and Election Timetable

  1. Motions, Rule Amendments, Branch Officer Nominations, Steward Nominations, Convenor Nominations to be received by noon on Friday 20th December 2013.
  2. Amendments to motions/Rule Changes to be submitted by Noon Friday 31st January 2014
  3. Ballot Forms for Branch Officer/Steward Elections distributed 3rd January 2014 (if required)
  4. Close of election period Friday 24th January 2014
  5. Final Agenda distributed Friday 7th February 2014.
  6. AGM Wednesday 26th February 2014

Branch elections: Branch Officer Posts

  • Branch Chair
  • Branch Vice Chair
  • Branch Secretary
  • Branch Treasurer
  • Membership Officer
  • Equality Officer
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Auditor (2)
  • Education Co-ordinator
  • International Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • Young Members Officer
  • Sports & Social Officer
  • Labour Link Officer
  • Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator
  • Communications Officer
  • Retired Members Secretary

2013 AGM REPORTS pdf

Latest branch-wide newsletter published (04/12/13)
UNISON Retired Members Holiday 2014 (29/10/13)

Download the booking form here...

Unfortunately due to lack of interest the original holiday to Telford has been cancelled. However JAK Travel have been able to come up with a very promising alternative from the 7th to 11th April based at the Haddon Hall Hotel, Eastbourne. The hotel is situated at the seafront end of Devonshire Place, which links the main promenade with the town centre. All floors are accessible by lift and the modern well furnished bedrooms are en-suite with colour television and tea/coffee making facilities. Most nights you can enjoy entertainment and dancing in the refurbished ballroom.

Breakfast and three course evening meal are served by waiters in the restaurant, which has a reputation for excellent food producing traditional English cuisine with modern variations.

Fortunately, all the people who returned their booking forms for Telford have put their names forward for Eastbourne. Therefore, the remaining allocation of rooms is as follows, 6 single, 10 twin and 2 double, based on a first come first served basis. The price of the holiday is now only £255 with no single room supplement. A deposit of £25 per person is required for all new bookings. Travel insurance, if required, can be offered at £26.70 per person. Pick up points will be Shipley and Bradford.

A booking form is included and should be completed and returned to the address supplied along with the appropriate remittance ASAP in order that, in fairness to JAK Travel and the hotel, I can notify them whether to confirm or cancel the booking.

Download the booking form here...

Results of Joint Trade Union Ballot: Essential Car User Allowance (07/10/13)

Results of the Joint Trade Union ballot on Management Proposals for Changes to Essential Car User Allowance.

Following extensive consultation by the joint trade unions UNISON, GMB and UCATT I can confirm the results of the ballot of eligible members.


ACCEPT 75.2%
REJECT 24.8%





The next side meeting of the OJC1 on terms and conditions is scheduled to take place on Thursday 24th October 2013. Any further developments will be notified to members via this

UNISON contact details admin@bradfordunison.org.uk.
Telephone 01274 432291 Fax 01274 434239

Linda Crowther – Branch Secretary and Corporate Convenor

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