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Convenor for Adults, HR, Business Support -
Saba-Gabrielle Moussa

Saba-Gabrielle Moussa - Convenor introduction

Convenor Saba-Gabrielle MoussaHi all I am Saba-Gabrielle Moussa the UNISON Full time convenor.

I originally was based at Morley Street Resource Centre in the Sensory Needs Department. I have been a convenor for 5 years and served many Directorates such as CTS originally and then Adults & Safer Stronger Community and later on moved to Business Support & Finance and for the last 2 years kept Finance and Adults. At our AGM 2013 I was re-elected as a convenor and was allocated the following Area of responsibility: Adults; HR and Transactional services. I am looking forward to serve you to the best of my ability and would like to thank you all for voting for me again.

You can contact me at:
Auburn House Upper Piccadilly Bradford BD1 3NU
Phone Numbers are: 01274 432291 or 07980694507
My email is:

I am looking forward to hearing from you
Kind regards

Saba-Gabrielle Moussa

Stewards Minutes

Watch this space...

Convenor for Children’s Services, Public Health -
Lynda Andrews

Lynda Andrews - Convenor introduction

Convenor Lynda AndrewsHi, I am Lynda Andrews and I am your UNISON full time Convenor for Children’s Services & Public Health. I have been an active steward for many years and an active member of the Women’s Self Organised Group (SOG)

My substantive post is Information Advice and Engagement Officer within the Families Information Service based at City Hall.

I have been a Convenor for nearly 5 years and have supported Environment, Neighbourhoods and Facilities Management before moving to Children’s Services.

We are facing challenging times and the position is constantly changing day to day. As a Convenor my role is to support UNISON Stewards and members and to negotiate on your behalf. Your views and opinions are important so please feel free to contact your local steward directly. If you are not sure who your Steward is or for any reason you have problems contacting your Steward then please contact the Branch Office on 01274 432291. I find the role rewarding and sometimes challenging. I am very committed to service the UNISON membership and privileged to have been elected to this role which enables me to work on your behalf.

  • Please DO NOT attend capability reviews, management investigations or disciplinaries without Steward Representation.
  • Reporting of accidents and management fact finding interviews must also have Steward Representation.
  • It is also useful to seek support when you have an issue and may need to submit a grievance informal or formal.
  • In the event that you are looking at being suspended – Please insist that your Unison Representative is contacted before the meeting begins.

Should you wish to contact me my details are:-
Tel: 01274 432291 or my Mobile Number 07805 582857

Convenor for Environment, Chief Executive’s Office,
Programme Change - Julie Horbury

Julie Horbury - Convenor introduction

Juile Horbury picHi, my name is Julie Horbury and I am the Convenor for Environment and Sport a post that I have held for just over 12 months.  In my substantive post I am a swimming Teacher based at Bingley Pool.

I love my job with UNISON and find that working with members is very rewarding and sometimes challenging, however, I am privileged to be elected to this role and for you to allow me to work on your behalf.

In the event you need to contact me for any reason or you would like a workplace visit then please do not hesitate to contact me on the number or email below.

Email –
Mobile – 07792243544.
Branch Office – 01274 432291.

Convenor for Finance, City Solicitors -
Graham Keegan

Graham Keegan - Convenor introduction

Graham KeeganHi, my name is Graham Keegan and I am the UNISON Convenor for the Department of Finance & Culture and the City Solicitors Office. I have been an active steward for many years and on full time release to UNISON from my post as a Senior Engineer in the Traffic & Highways Unit since 2008. I was initially released for the Job Evaluation project before being appointed to the post of Convenor in September 2010.

As you are aware we face challenging times due to the unprecedented cuts imposed by this ConDem Government on Local Government Finances. Over the last three years Bradford Council has had to make cuts of £100 million to its budget and this has resulted in 1400 jobs disappearing. Whilst many of these jobs cuts have been achieved through voluntary redundancy, credit must also go to UNISON and their part in negotiating on your behalf to minimise the number of compulsory redundancies. Unfortunately there has still been around sixty staff made compulsory redundant but this is significantly less than the three to four hundred that were anticipated at the beginning of the process.

As a convenor part of my role is to support you and to play an active part in collective negotiations on your behalf. Your opinions and views count so please do not hesitate to contact me or your local steward. I do not underestimate the challenges that we face together as we try to deal with the ongoing threats to Local Government jobs and services caused by the continued cuts that are imposed by the ConDem Government to Local Authority finances. I look forward to working closely with all UNISON members & stewards; together we will make a difference to our working conditions.

My contact details are:
Mobile 07584 146 033
Branch Office 01274 432 291

Convenor for Regeneration PAC, WYPF -
Barry Wood

Barry Wood - Convenor introduction

Barry WoodAs the new Corporate Convenor for Regeneration & Culture, West Yorkshire Pension Fund and Public Affairs & Communications, I would like to introduce myself. Prior to this appointment I was the Convenor for Environment & Sport until a serious illness put me out of action for almost 12 months. I am now on the mend and getting back to full strength.

My substantive post is in Transactional Services, Environmental Protection based at Jacobs Well Offices. I have worked for the Council since the old days of NALGO back in 1980 and I have seen many changes over the years. I’m sure we are all too aware of the challenges ahead to preserve public services and the fight to keep jobs, which makes being an active member of a large Trade Union like UNISON so important. Collectively we stand a much better chance and I intend to organise and activate our membership to enable this to happen.

Your shop stewards from this area are as follows:-

Maureen Malone Smith

Jacobs Well


Anne Manning

Alhambra Theatre


John Giles

Ilkley Library

01943 436225

Mushtaq Ahmed           



Keith Parker               

Private Sec Housing  -
Jacobs Well